jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

Tales From The Underworld - Tribute to Blind Guardian

pass - changoritan
Uploader - Bany
1.A Past And A Future Secret - (Salamandra)
2.And The Story Ends - (Acrimony)
3.Another Holy War - (Blackened)
4.Last Tales From The Twilight Valhalla - (Cruel)
5.The Bard's Song (The Hobbit) - (Galadriel)
6.Imaginations From The Other Side - (Twilight Hall)
7.Majesty - (Delirious)
8.Theatre Of Pain - (Syrius)
9.Welcome To Dying - (Clone)
10.Theatre Of Pain - (Fate Keeper)
11.Follow The Blind - (Jormundgard)
12.Lost In The Twilight Hall - (Fairytale)
13. Time What Is Time - (The Arrow)

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